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Re-Cladding Your Home? ASBESTOS


• The hazard is removed and cannot pose any risk in the future.
• If asbestos is not present the value of the home will not be affected should they ever wish to sell.
• By cladding over the asbestos sheeting, nails would have punctured and possibly cracked the sheeting attached to the framework of the house. Hence creating exposed fibres.
• Professional companies who provide re-cladding services normally choose not to install cladding directly onto asbestos sheeting. Some say the disturbance is minimal however any breakages of asbestos i.e. nail holes, will produce exposed fibres.

As with all jobs that are 10sq meters or greater a permit to remove asbestos was obtained from Workcover prior to commencing work (the external walls of an average three bedroom asbestos fibro home is approximately 120sq meters). All asbestos waste was placed into a lined bin and taken to a licenced waste facility for disposal.

Whilst the removal of the asbestos sheeting went smoothly the weather, unfortunately wasn't on the owner's side. Hence we needed to apply plastic around the exposed framework of the house to eliminate rain water from entering the dwelling. Thankfully the skies cleared and the re-cladding company was able to complete the project.

We would like to thank the owners of the property for engaging our services for the removal of asbestos sheeting on the external walls of their home and wish them all the best with their renovation project.

Steve Wellington

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